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    Our latest footprints

    3 years ago
    IoT sensors made in Australia
    LAB3 has built an electronics lab - for designing, prototyping, testing and manufacturing internet of things (IoT) sensors.
    3 years ago
    LAB3 has secured an office in North Sydney as a base for over 40+ employees already working remotely to provide innovative cloud technologies in Australia’s largest city.
    3 years ago
    Fearless to achieve more, LAB3 has crossed the Tasman and now operate in New Zealand, with a head office in Auckland. Locally run, Kiwi organisations can quickly move to public cloud with expertise.
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    Elevate Your IT Experience with Lifecycle Services

    Transition from traditional support to a dynamic, improvement-focused partnership with LAB3 ‘s  Lifecycle Services. Experience the synergy of automation, agile practices, and code-driven governance to propel your business forward.


    24×7 Proactive Partnership

    Continuous Evolution for Your Business
    We don’t just support; we collaborate and evolve with your business, anticipating needs and fostering innovation to keep you ahead of the curve.

    Agile and Flexible

    Adapt Quickly to Market Changes
    Our agile approach ensures your technology stack remains resilient and adaptable, providing the flexibility to pivot as market dynamics shift.

    Automation-First Mindset

    Efficiency Through Intelligent Automation
    Harness the power of automation to streamline processes, enhance security, and ensure governance, freeing your team to focus on strategic initiatives. With continual updates to the solution to keep the environment fresh.


    Solution Accelerators Unleashed

    Accelerate your journey to the cloud with our pre-built solution accelerators;

    • Monitoring Engine
    • Policy Engine
    • FinOps Pack
    Continuous Cloud Innovation

    Stay ahead with LAB3 ‘s consumption-based pricing aligned to cloud services, where ongoing enhancements to our offer (or catalogue) and automation ensure your cloud infrastructure is not just robust, but also a beacon of innovation and efficiency.

    Data Dynamism

    Enable your data teams to focus on what’s important to them; discovery and analysis, while our platform teams ensure the data environment is efficient and reliable.

    Agile Threat Response

    24×7 Australia Based, response to security incidents with agility and precision. Our team not only discovers but also contains emerging threats to neutralise risks and safeguard your digital landscape.


    Security Platform Guardianship

    Trust in our comprehensive management of your security platforms, where ongoing oversight ensures alignment with industry best practices and regulatory requirements. MXDR Partner accredited by Microsoft.



    Compliance Assurance

    Navigate the complex landscape of IRAP and ISO27001 compliance with confidence. Our security solutions are designed to meet rigorous standards, ensuring your peace of mind.


    Hybrid Integration Excellence

    Seamlessly integrate on-premises and cloud environments with our hybrid network solutions, creating a cohesive and agile IT infrastructure that supports your business goals.

    Carriage Clarity

    Single vendor management that includes Fibre, Internet, and Telephony. Ensuring network management simplicity and 24×7 visibility of the health of your environment.

    Vendor Ecosystem Expertise

    Benefit from our deep relationships with leading Technology vendors, leveraging their technologies (Wireless, Switching, Firewalls) to create a network that’s secure, resilient, and tailored to your needs.

    Collaborative Culture Creation

    Transform how your team collaborates with modern workplace solutions that foster a culture of innovation, efficiency, and shared success.

    Productivity without Borders

    Achieve hybrid management of devices with a cloud like visible and agile experience. Leveraging Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Azure Arc accelerators to get you transitioned swiftly.

    Seamless Communication Channels

    Streamline communication across your organisation with solutions that connect people and information effortlessly, driving engagement and operational coherence.


    Holistic Service Integration

    Our Lifecycle Services encompass a comprehensive suite of IT solutions, ensuring that every aspect of your technology stack is synchronised and strategically aligned with your business goals.


    Innovative IT Roadmapping

    We chart the course for your technology future, employing foresight and innovation to craft an IT roadmap that propels your business towards growth and efficiency.

    Customised IT Lifecycle Management

    Every phase of your IT lifecycle is managed with a custom approach tailored to your organisation’s unique requirements, from deployment to decommissioning and beyond.

    Dedicated Client Advocates

    Receive unparalleled attention and support from our dedicated client advocates who act as your main point of contact, ensuring a consistent and responsive service experience.

    Personalised Governance

    We design a personalised governance solution to provide you live visibility and continual improvement tracking.

    Client-Centric Feedback Loop

    Your feedback is pivotal to our service evolution. We establish a continuous feedback loop to adapt our services to your evolving needs and maintain our commitment to excellence.

    Proactive Systems Optimisation

    Stay ahead of potential issues with our proactive systems management, which optimises your IT environment for performance, availability, and longevity.

    Advanced Monitoring and Analytics

    Utilise cutting-edge monitoring tools and data analytics to gain deep insights into your systems’ health, enabling informed decision-making and preemptive action.

    Automated Compliance and Maintenance

    Leverage our automated solutions for routine maintenance and compliance checks, ensuring your systems adhere to the latest standards without manual intervention.

    Self-service Portal and Catalogue

    Powered using ServiceNow, get a personalised portal to have service management visibility and access to our self-service catalogue. (extending the service management to your existing ITSM is available)

    Integrated ITIL Framework

    Our services are built on the ITIL framework, ensuring best practices in IT service management that result in consistent, reliable, and high-quality IT support.

    Continuous Service Improvement

    We don’t settle for status quo. Our services include a commitment to continuous improvement, leveraging insights from analytics and customer feedback to drive service excellence.



    Unleashing Potential with Microsoft Solutions
    Maximise your investment in Microsoft technologies with our expertise, driving innovation and productivity through Azure, Microsoft 365, and more.


    Streamlined Operations with ServiceNow
    Enhance your service delivery and business processes with the power of ServiceNow, simplified and optimised through our strategic implementation.


    Infrastructure as Code with Hashicorp
    Embrace the future of infrastructure management with Hashicorp’s tools, expertly wielded by our team to automate and secure your cloud infrastructure.


    Fortified Security with Fortinet
    Leverage Fortinet’s cutting-edge security solutions, integrated seamlessly into your IT environment by our certified experts to protect your critical assets.

    Our clients


    Action your ideas and bring your technology vision to life
    LAB³ Security Operations Centre
    Locally based 24x7 security expertise, providing a safe and cost effective way to ensure total threat visibility and a fast response
    Locally based 24x7 security expertise, providing a safe and cost effective way to ensure total threat visibility and a fast response 
    LAB³ Modern Workplace
    Empower your people, wherever they are, to work together
    Empower your people, wherever they are, to work together 
    LAB³ Modern Data Platform
    Gain visibility and analytics of the extensive data across your organisation, with either centralised architecture or Data Mesh
    Gain visibility and analytics of the extensive data across your organisation, with either centralised architecture or Data Mesh 
    LAB³ Dr Migrate
    An automated approach to cloud migration so you can securely move all or part of your technology environment to the cloud in weeks
    An automated approach to cloud migration so you can securely move all or part of your technology environment to the cloud in weeks  
    LAB³ Bedrock
    A fast, secure, and structured way to establish an automated Azure Platform set to scale
    A fast, secure, and structured way to establish an automated Azure Platform set to scale  


    Powered by code and driven by innovation you can fear less and achieve more

    Where are LAB3 Managed Services based?

    We are located across Australia (head office Melbourne) and New Zealand (head office Auckland) and our clients are located throughout Australasia.  

    Why does LAB3 stand out as a great choice as a Managed Services provider?

    With 5 Advanced Specializations as an award winning 13x certified Microsoft Gold partner, we are widely recognised in the technology industry for our deep expertise in Azure. 

    At LABour team collaborate across practice areas to create better solutions – Cloud & DevOps, Security, Networks, Data, IoT & AI, and Modern Workplace – to add value and provide the highest levels of service to ensure the success of our clients.

    Why is born in cloud better for the provision of Managed Services?

    In cloud and powered by automation, Managed Services can provide innovative solutions much faster, along with the cost optimisation opportunities associated with cloud services generally. 

    Can LAB3 help organisations get DevOps and Infrastructure as Code moving?

    Yes! Getting a mature DevOps practice up and running can often be time consuming and difficult. As part of our managed services, you will benefit from our module library, built from our vast experience working with industries across various vertices. This removes the time and pain, to help you get there faster. 

    Financial Services
    Empower your organisation to modernise core systems and provide differentiated customer experiences, enhanced employee collaboration and wellbeing, and better protect against security threats.
    Enable rapid cloud adoption whether in Azure, hybrid or multi-cloud, to help you achieve more for the people, communities, businesses, and institutions you serve.
    Accelerate innovation across your organisation to remain competitive and improve customer experiences. With cutting edge IoT, it's even possible to achieve real-time visibility over your extensive and remote infrastructure.
    Accelerate the transformation of your technology environment to better equip your frontline workers, manage health data, coordinate care, and improve patient experience.
    Whether you are a startup or an established ISV, partnering with an Azure expert to establish and maintain your Azure environment will free up your time to devote your energy into building your solution, accessing markets, and achieving business value.
    Commercial Enterprises
    Remain competitive by modernising your company in the Azure cloud. This will help achieve cost savings, gain cloud cost predictability, and put you in the best position to securely accelerate AI transformation.
    Craigs Investment Partners
    2 years
    ahead of schedule for cloud transformation
    Learn more on how we helped Craigs Investment Partners
    David Jones, Head of Technology, Craigs Investment Partners
    “The number one reason Craigs invested in Dr Migrate was visibility. We needed to gain a clear view over our technical estate, and to be able to present this not just to our technical team but at a management level as well.”
    Angle Finance
    5x increase
    in average daily workload volume enabled through scalable platform
    Learn more on how we helped Angle Finance
    Jason Qoriniyasi (JQ), Head of Technology and Security, Angle Finance
    “We had two problems to solve: the support, uplift and augmentation of cloud infrastructure, and an uplift of our cybersecurity services. I picked up the phone and LAB3 jumped straight in to help us. That’s the kind of a partnership I was looking for, and it’s taken off from there.”
    Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
    Only Weeks
    for the first app to be built and deployed on the new platform
    Learn more on how we helped Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
    Mark Sawade, Chief Information Officer at DAFF
    “It wasn’t just about value for money but also our confidence in LAB3’s ability to deliver, their previous experience in working with Microsoft and our other core partners in our vendor ecosystem, and their ability to work in a way that built capability within our organisation and our people. 
    Yarra Trams
    475+ trams
    tracked over 250km
    Learn more on how we helped Yarra Trams
    Charles Valladares Manager, Strategy and Relationships at Yarra Trams 
    “LAB3 had the capability to understand and integrate our bespoke technologies to provide us with real time visibility over our entire tram network."
    6 months
    build of automated Azure Platform
    Learn more on how we helped Genesis
    Deakin Wilson, Genesis, Cloud & Infrastructure Platform Owner
    “Our ability to move with so much speed is one of the real benefits of moving to a modern cloud environment and infrastructure as code approach. Once we have built models and templates for an existing use case, we can move incredibly fast to version this for new use cases. That’s just gold.”
    AusNet Services
    of daily workload in the cloud
    Learn more on how we helped AusNet
    Keith Hopkins, Chief Digital Officer, AusNet Services
    "Cost to service is at the heart of every decision we make. Our Azure platform will help us control our retail prices and quickly develop and deploy new solutions."
    Hearing Australia
    Up to 60%
    savings, with better performance outcomes
    Learn more on how we helped Hearing Australia
    “Following a competitive market process, LAB3 was engaged to assist Hearing Australia move to an Infrastructure as Code capability."
    30 Minutes
    or less to deploy customer solutions
    Learn more on how we helped Dedalus
    Stephen Burmester, CTO, Asia Pacific Dedalus
    “We had a major time constraint with our planned cloud migration because of the looming hard end of our datacentre agreement which we wanted to get out of. Without Dr Migrate we would not have made it.”
    30 Minutes
    or less to deploy customer solutions
    Learn more on how we helped Dedalus
    Stephen Burmester, CTO, Asia Pacific Dedalus
    “We had a major time constraint with our planned cloud migration because of the looming hard end of our datacentre agreement which we wanted to get out of. Without Dr Migrate we would not have made it.”
    Most Influential Cloud Partner 2022
    CRN Impact
    Award Winner 2021
    Australia Growth Award 2020
    Red Hat
    Partner Award 2020
    CRN Fast 50
    No. 1 Winner 2019
    ARN Innovation
    Award Finalist 2019
    Deloitte Tech Fast 50
    Award Finalist 2019
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