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    Our latest footprints

    2 months ago
    LAB3 has secured an office in North Sydney as a base for over 40+ employees already working remotely to provide innovative cloud technologies in Australia’s largest city.
    3 months ago
    Fearless to achieve more, LAB3 has crossed the Tasman and now operate in New Zealand, with a head office in Auckland. Locally run, Kiwi organisations can quickly move to public cloud with expertise.
    4 months ago
    Dr Migrate and Bedrock are making waves across Australasia, with enterprises moving to transform to cloud quickly.
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    LAB3 empowers ambitious organisations to jump ahead and modernise with cloud technologies. 


    LAB3 empowers government and commercial enterprises to accelerate, transform and grow fearlessly through controlled, automated, and scalable cloud technologiesOf significance, there are proven solution frameworks ready to go.

    Founded in Australia in 2017, LAB3 has experienced exponential growth and mid 2021 expanded into New Zealand. There are over 200 skilled employees always pushing over the edge to deliver on any challenge accepted. 

    LAB3 is one of the largest Azure engineering practices in Australasia, and has deep expertise across all practice areas – Cloud & DevOps, Data, IoT & AI, Security, Networks, Modern Workplace, and Managed Services.

    our leadership team


    Group Chief Executive Officer

    First and foremost, LAB3 is about the success of our clients and helping them modernise and drive value with data driven cloud technologies.”

    Fearless in approach and as a founder, Chris has overseen the exponential growth of LAB3 from start up in 2017 to the established force it has become today. 

    Under his helm, LAB3 stands out as a technology partner of choice trusted by the biggest and most reputable brands in the Australasian region. 

    Chris is a disrupter by nature and has a track record of building and transforming businesses into first class organisations that deliver greater value for their clients. 

    In founding LAB3, Chris and his partners set the goal to create a business that could deliver innovative cloud technologies through controlled, automated, and scalable technology.

    This set the blueprint for their success, and they adopted the inspired slogan: Powered by Code: Driven by Innovation.  

    Before launching LAB3, Chris held several executive positions with Tier 1 ICT outsourcing organisations. For over 15 years, Chris built his career working in close collaboration with enterprises across multiple industries to design, deliver and operate large-scale, technology-based transformations and strategic projects. 

    Chris has steered LAB3 to maintain the focus on product leadership, with unique IP and game changing products. He credits LAB3’s success to the fearless and highly skilled team of experts working with him, who always deliver on any challenge accepted.  

    Riding his Harley Davidson through country Victoria or out fishing with mates, Chris is a future thinker. He has his sights set on LAB3 making a global impact and helping many enterprises fear less and achieve more. Watch this space! 



    Chief Executive Officer - LAB3 New Zealand

    “LAB3 caught my attention from the moment I discovered they had proven frameworks for deployments. This makes the Azure cloud a seriously attractive option.”

    David Boyes leads the charge for LAB3 in New Zealand. In a nutshell, David is an expert at making things happen. He has deep experience in business turnaround, large-scale transformation, new business creation, deal making, and organising for performance. 
    Throughout his career, David has helped many enterprise clients to design, deliver and operate large-scale, technology-based transformations and strategic projects. 
    David has extensive industry experience in the financial services sector including retail banking, business banking, information technology, and banking operations. He also has deep experience in the technology services sector including enterprise IT, telecommunications, media, and fin-tech. 
    To cap it off, David has provided board-level governance for several companies, user associations, and industry sectors. He has business acumen and a wealth of knowledge to help clients maximise value quickly through transformation. 


    Group Chief Financial Officer

    As a business it was always the goal to disrupt the market and deliver exceptional results to clients through expertise and innovation in cloud technology. 

    Bob is one of the three founders of LAB3 and from the outset, brought with him expertise in building a solid business strategy and organisational framework.  

    He has been instrumental in leading LAB3‘s hyper-growth and unprecedented impact throughout Australiasia and now as a global product leader. 

    Bob’s extraordinary insight has positioned LAB3 to continually be ahead of the curve. He possesses an extensive commercial, strategic and operational understanding of IT Services and employs a collaborative, transformational leadership style to accomplish successful stakeholder and organisational outcomes. 

    A seasoned executive, Bob has a reputation for recovery of troubled projects and managing complex programs across country boundaries to deliver increased value to clients and shareholders. 

    Prior to LAB3, over a career spanning 30+ years Bob held several senior executive positions for global technology providers in Australia and across the Asia Pacific.  

    For Bob, the challenge to ensure the success of LAB3 is his biggest driver, and to do this alongside his children Group CEO Chris Cook and Group COO Tanya Wilmore makes this even more special. 

    Tanya Wilmore

    Group Chief Operating Officer

    Inclusiveness is key to innovation. At LAB3, people are encouraged to bring their whole self to the teamso together we can fear less and achieve more.” 

    With her corporate HR background, Tanya brings a strong people and culture focus to LAB3 as the key to achieving success for clients and as an organisation. 

    Guided by the LAB3 catch cry “Fear less Achieve more” Tanya ensures people are empowered in their careers and across teams, to grow, innovate, and perform at their best.  

    Arriving at LAB3 in 2020, Tanya brought with her 15+ years of experience delivering HR related services to the mining, construction, engineering, retail, government, and not-for-profit sectors.  

    Tanya has deep expertise in all facets of HR and has a proven ability to engage and motivate people at all levels of an organisation. As a senior executive Tanya expanded her skills into strategic and business planning, organisational performance and executive coaching.   

    As a Director at LAB3, she arrived at a critical time of accelerated company growth and moved quickly to establish a governance framework to ensure best practices and to meet increasing compliance requirements associated with growth and operations expanding internationally. 

    Tanya was instrumental working with the founding team at LAB3 to set the core values which the team continue to embrace in everything they do: Fear Less, Team Up, Think Ahead, Be True, and Stand Out. 


    Chief Operating Officer – LAB3 New Zealand

    “Applying technology to improve productivity has always sparked my interest. Now the ability to make lasting impact is greater than ever through modern cloud technologies.”

    Rich is an expert at turning the technology-enabled business ideas of clients into results.

    He is in a prime position to help LAB3‘s enterprise clients achieve their goals through using the full stack of Microsoft technologies combined with our proven ‘as code’ solutions. 

    In his approach, Rich believes that taking the time to learn the client’s issues and ambitions while building a trusted relationship is key to achieving great results – “In the end, it’s not about us, it’s about our clients.  When we put our clients first, everyone wins.”   

    Passionate about applying technology to real-world problems, Rich has deep experience with enterprise architecture, methods engineering, IT operations, IT strategy, complex system delivery projects and professional service leadership.

    Based in Auckland for over fifteen years, having originally come via Singapore from the USA, Rich has most recently been engaged as a senior business and technology advisory for several global and Kiwi enterprises in both the private and public sector.  

    Starting out as a programmer, over his career Rich has served a wide range of clients in multiple industries including professional services, manufacturing, defence, consumer products, manufacturing, financial services, and telecommunications.

    Rich also has deep experience in management consulting operations, processes, and consulting service innovation. 


    Director of Federal Government (Australia)

    “As the world has become virtual, Government organisations recognise the advantages of moving to cloud services to meet community expectations.”

    Reuben champions LAB3 engagements across federal government and is responsible for driving innovation across the sector, to support organisations achieve their transformation goals, from legacy infrastructure to cloud services.  

    Located in Canberra, Reuben has held leadership roles providing technology to government agencies for over 15 years.

    Reuben understands the pressures to provide better, smarter and simpler public services, within budget constraints and to meet high levels of accountability.  He also understands technologies, having first started out in his career as an application developer and worked extensively as a managed services provider.  

    Immediately prior to LAB3, Reuben was the IBM Director for Federal Government and led IBM’s engagement across the public sector. This involved creating and enhancing world-leading capabilities including seminal work on the myGov platform with the then Department of Human Services; and with the ATO where IBM delivered the e-Commerce platform, Standard Business Reporting 2, which now underpins SuperStream and Single Touch Payroll. Reuben’s teams also focused on driving efficiency and insight across private cloud, analytics, and cognitive computing.   

    Outside of the office, Reuben is really family focused but also sports mad. He has rowed and coached for Australia internationally.

    Combining his two passions (sport + technology), Reuben has been involved with major event organisation. He has undertaken key roles in real-time results and information systems in three Olympics – Sydney, Turin Winter Olympics and Athens.  

    Reuben continues to draw on the focus and teaming philosophy of those experiences to bring shared purpose, drive and excellence to every client engagement. 


    Chief Information Security Officer

    “Security isn’t a job, it’s a way of life.” 

    Don has expertise in providing practical and cost-effective multi-cloud cyber advice and guidance to C-Suites and Boards including for Industry and Government across the Australasian region. 

    Before he joined LAB3, Don was the CISO for Dell’s Cloud (Virtustream – APJ Region) and prior to this, Don was CISO for IBM’s Cloud for Asia Pacific.  

    Don has more than 20 years’ experience within ICT security services ranging from consulting and penetration testing through to design, development, building and running secure environments leveraging multi-cloud and microservices.  

    Highlights include his involvement in creating and deploying many ‘first of a kind’ security solutions for some of the most sophisticated organisations in the world. 

    Don was involved with designing the security for the first ‘Smart gate’ in the world (e-Channel, Automated Passenger Clearance System for the Department of Immigration in Hong Kong) and then the Australian Passports Online System. He was also involved with managing Cyber Security Operations for the Australian Department of Defence. 


    Director of Client Engagement

    We perform and achieve better outcomes by listening and learning from our clients, putting our heads together and working as a team. 

    Alex has been with LAB3 since the early beginnings, attracted by the enormous potential of innovative cloud technologies and up for the challenge to build what was then a start-up to become an established force in the Australasia region.  

    Driven to achieve in all that he does, Alex has a deep acumen for business and at LAB3 has led the explosive growth of sales and solution design with a strong focus on forging strategic alliances.  

    Over his 15+ year career with technology providers, Alex has worked alongside industry leaders across Australia and Asia Pacific, to nut out strategies to help them adopt modern technologies. He has a strong track record for transforming businesses into client centric organisations that deliver great value.  

    Alex has deep connections and relationships with enterprise organisations and their customer experience executives. 

    Prior to LAB3, Alex led many parts of Microsoft across Australia and the Asia Pacific in Microsoft Services Businesses. Before this, Alex spent time with a global technology provider running many of their integrated accounts and largest Managed Services clients.  

    To clear his mind and create time for light bulb moments of inspiration, Alex has invested in a caravan and is set for camping adventures with his young family around south-eastern Australia. 


    Chief Technology Officer

    “Technology innovation is advancing at an astounding pace. What really excites me are the massive leaps being made at LAB3.”  

    Andy is a true evangelist for disruptive technologies and a leader in the field of cloud automation at the enterprise scale. 

    He stands out as a pioneer who excels at strategic foresight and the ability to create market disrupting solutions.

    Prior to joining LAB3 he already had an exceptional track record at leading large scale Agile teams in complex enterprise environments.  

    Andy leads the flagship R&D program at LAB3, a position he has held since the company was founded in 2017. Andy has been instrumental in setting the automation first approach and the investment in product leadership, which has helped the company to achieve massive growth and emerge as a product leader with a global market. 

    As an innovation leader, Andy collaborates with a dedicated team of experts across every practice area to disrupt and push the boundaries of cloud technologies. Andy’s focus is to ensure a multi-disciplinary approach to foster fresh ideas and achieve better solutions for clients.  

    A testament to his drive is the growing catalogue of new and unique IP that LAB3 has developed, taking Microsoft standard offerings to the next level. Top of the list is Dr Migrate – a data-driven solution to cloud migration. 



    Director of Network & Security

    “For me, it’s about understanding the core drivers for clients and then creating solutions tachieve their goals.” 

    Anthony Wales is a tenacious innovator who is driven to find new and better ways of doing things. 

    With a background in delivery, presales, and architecture, in Australia and Asia, and across many industries, he understands both the common and unique needs and frustrations of organisations.  

    Leading the security and network practices at LAB3, Anthony has championed innovation.

    With product development, he has pushed beyond known limits to provide clients with improved value, total visibility, better speed and reliability, and the confidence to invest in transformation for improved business outcomes. 

    With a unique suite of products developed under Anthony’s leadership, clients are offered a fresh data driven approach to security, can go live safely sooner and be supported by LAB3’s well established around the clock Security Operations Centre. 

    Anthony has made similar strides in Networks having introduced automation and data into the mix to improve speed and reliability. An uplift of networks can enhance the delivery of remote work and make full use of the benefits of modern apps and systems. 

    At LAB3, Anthony has forged a reputation for making the best demo videos in the company. Stay tuned! 


    Director of IoT, Data & AI

    Across global markets, the next wave of productivity gains will be through AI powered data– to truly leverage the potential of data to drive greater business value.” 

    Alain champions data technologies at LAB3. He has overseen the growth of this innovative practice, including building a state-of-the-art electronics lab to enable inhouse design and customisation in IoT sensor technology.  

    Alain has deep technical and commercial acumen having over 25 years of IT experience, starting out in software development, and then transitioning to architecture and sales. Now located in Melbourne, Alain has held leaderships roles in some of the largest global consultancies in Australia, Canada, and France. 

    At LAB3 Alain is focused on building a bridge between client needs and project structures that can deliver outcomes. He thrives on challenges and working alongside clients to understand their unique contexts and to help them realise value from their data. 

    As a pioneer in data technologies, Alain has expertise in software development, information management, data systems, AI, and data platforms. He has built a skilled team to support him with innovation and leverages expertise across cloud, DevOps, security, and networks. 

    Alain has extensive experience in the industrial space, having been involved with many significant and innovative projects including in the mining and manufacturing sectors. He is an expert at linking operational technology to an IT world and leveraging AI to make incremental improvements in those processes.  

    Away from a screen, Alain is involved in CrossFit and has a passion for Olympic weightlifting, snowboarding, and travel. 

    Bevan Braddon

    Director of Client Services

    “Every successful delivery organisation should have robust project management disciplines at its heart.”  

    This is the philosophy that Bevan adheres to in spearheading the delivery of client engagements across LAB3 and to help position the business as a global product leader.  

    Driven to achieve client success, Bevan leads an elite team of fearless problem solvers across all our cloud technologies.

    Using a practice based and product led approach, Bevan is responsible for maintaining a strong focus on both innovation and client engagement. The goal is for clients to confidently invest in cloud adoption and modern cloud technologies, with certainty of outcome and fast business value.  

    Having held senior executive roles over a career spanning 20+ years including managing banks and mining giants across ASEAN, Bevan returned to Melbourne to join LAB3 in 2020.  

    At CIO level for a tier 1 company, Bevan was one of the first in Australia to lead an enterprise transformation from legacy infrastructure and applications to become a cloud only enterprise.    

    Bevan has expertise in forging partnerships of mutual value.

    With a background covering mining, telecommunications, construction and banking throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific, Bevan has a deep understanding of the unique challenges clients face across industries and that require specialised and custom approaches.   

    Away from the office, Bevan is a mad keen fisherman and if given any opportunity to wet a line – you’ll find it hard to keep him off the water. 



    We listen and learn to understand what your organisation is aiming to achieve through technology. Only then do we identify solutions.


    Turn change to your advantage through targeted transformation using the latest industry leading innovations and proven frameworks ready to go.


    LAB3 partners with government and commercial enterprisesOften clients are encumbered by legacy technology. Universally, there is a need for speed, security, and cost efficiencies associated with automation and cloud technology.  

    We are always on the lookout for experienced professionals.



    To ensure fast time-to-value, LAB3 has a catalogue of proven ready-made solutions across all practice areas, that drive greater value from Microsoft standard offerings. 


    LAB3 partners with the biggest and most reputable brands in Australasia to digitally transform their businesses and provide innovative cloud-based solutions.


    As a 13x Microsoft Gold Partner, LAB3 has attained Advanced Specializations (x4) so that you can be certain you are gaining from the deepest level of expertise and highest levels of service available. 

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