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    Our latest footprints

    3 years ago
    IoT sensors made in Australia
    LAB3 has built an electronics lab - for designing, prototyping, testing and manufacturing internet of things (IoT) sensors.
    3 years ago
    LAB3 has secured an office in North Sydney as a base for over 40+ employees already working remotely to provide innovative cloud technologies in Australia’s largest city.
    3 years ago
    Fearless to achieve more, LAB3 has crossed the Tasman and now operate in New Zealand, with a head office in Auckland. Locally run, Kiwi organisations can quickly move to public cloud with expertise.
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    1700 employees
    450+ Virtual Machines as part of cloud migration
    Victoria, Australia



    1700 employees
    450+ Virtual Machines as part of cloud migration
    Victoria, Australia


    Diversified Australian energy infrastructure business AusNet Services owns over $10.8 billion of electricity and gas network and connection assets, which deliver energy safely and reliably to around 1.5 million customers across the State of Victoria.

    AusNet partnered with LAB3 to accelerate the modernisation of their digital platforms, services and processes. AusNet were assured by our automation expertise and ability to help with organisational change and adoption support.

    “As an energy distributor, cost to service is at the heart of every decision we make. Our decision to embrace the Azure Cloud Platform will not only help us control our retail prices but leverage the reliability and scalability of this technology to more quickly develop and deploy new solutions.”

    Keith Hopkins, Chief Digital Officer, AusNet Services

    Client vision

    In 2020 AusNet Services started a journey to overhaul and modernise their digital platforms, services and processes. With a reliance on at-risk and aging infrastructure, legacy systems and ad-hoc approaches to development and support, AusNet identified that Azure cloud services offered solutions to many of their challenges.

    AusNet had initially explored other public cloud offerings, but were frustrated by the uncertainties and projected timelines associated with migrating their existing applications, databases and workloads to a new cloud platform.

    Assured by LAB3’s deep technology expertise and proven track record of capability uplift, AusNet selected  LAB3 as a delivery partner that could help them leverage smart automation and accelerate their digital transformation.

    Outcomes at a glance

    80+ apps
    migrated, including 2 highly integrated SAP eco-systems
    60% daily workload
    modernised in the cloud
    50+ people
    at AusNet now have a working understanding of DevOps

    Our fearless approach

    The LAB3 approach to infrastructure as code allowed AusNet to deploy an Azure landing zone quickly and efficiently, enabling rapid deployment and a secure, compliant platform ready for AusNet’s workloads.

    In a matter of 6 weeks, LAB3 was able to provide a complete assessment of the AusNet technology environment.

    By utilizing LAB3 Dr Migrate, AusNet were able to attain a clearly defined migration plan, map the integrations and data flow between applications, and identify the criticality and complexity of each.

    This prepared both LAB3 and AusNet’s teams to accelerate their migration away from at-risk on-premises infrastructure and into a flexible, secure cloud platform.

    Through LAB3’s guidance, planning and support, AusNet quickly identified the key enterprise systems (such as SAP) that would benefit from Azure’s platform and services.

    In addition to their enterprise applications, several critical customer facing and public support systems (such as the Dial Before You Dig database) were also migrated to Azure. This allowed AusNet to reduce their running and maintenance costs and introduce flexibility, scalability and speed-to-provisioning that was constrained by on-premises infrastructure.

    Over 18 months AusNet successfully implemented a new Azure Cloud Platform, standardised their approach to cloud management, and migrated over 60% of their daily workload to the cloud.

    The new platform and ways of working introduced reliability, scalability, and security to their most critical systems and enabled the organisation to explore more intelligent use of their available data.

    AusNet was also able to improve the way they develop and deploy new technology and empower decision makers to take a ‘cloud first’ approach to future business requirements.

    “With LAB3’s assistance our Digital Division is now more educated on cloud infrastructure and the benefits available with Azure. This has enabled us to embed DevOps into our internal development process for the many bespoke applications required to manage everything from geospatial systems to tablets for field crews.”

    Tom Lillis, (Project Sponsor) GM Enterprise & Energy Platforms, AusNet Services


    Accelerating cloud transformation for enterprises
    LAB³ Bedrock
    A fast, secure, and structured way to establish an automated Azure Platform set to scale
    A fast, secure, and structured way to establish an automated Azure Platform set to scale  
    LAB³ Dr Migrate
    An automated approach to cloud migration so you can securely move all or part of your technology environment to the cloud in weeks
    An automated approach to cloud migration so you can securely move all or part of your technology environment to the cloud in weeks  
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