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    Our latest footprints

    3 years ago
    IoT sensors made in Australia
    LAB3 has built an electronics lab - for designing, prototyping, testing and manufacturing internet of things (IoT) sensors.
    3 years ago
    LAB3 has secured an office in North Sydney as a base for over 40+ employees already working remotely to provide innovative cloud technologies in Australia’s largest city.
    3 years ago
    Fearless to achieve more, LAB3 has crossed the Tasman and now operate in New Zealand, with a head office in Auckland. Locally run, Kiwi organisations can quickly move to public cloud with expertise.
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    Meet Yan

    Our Longest Serving LAB³ster in New Zealand


    “There is always something to do at LAB³. I enjoy the energetic environment and the context switching associated with my role. Working from home I find it easy to focus and it is great being in a team with like-minded and inclusive people.”

    Based in Wellington, Yan joined LAB³ as a Principal Consultant (Cloud & DevOps) almost three years ago. He started on the day the Australian company expanded across the ditch to launch on New Zealand shores. 

    “I was a bit scared because at that stage LAB³ had no presence in New Zealand,” said Yan. “However, the LAB³sters I spoke with made me feel confident in the projected growth of the business and I was excited by the innovative tech.” 

    Yan was also impressed by the collaboration across the team, regardless of location. Right from the get-go Yan was entrusted to help with the solution design documentation for LAB³’s Dr Migrate product and has since lead Migrations teams on projects in Australia and New Zealand. 

    “There is a lot of client engagement associated with my role as well as supporting LAB³ engineers and working with pre-sales solution designers,” said Yan. “We help clients with the foundations to become cloud ready and migrate from on-premises environments to the cloud.”

    “It is rewarding to be involved for the whole journey – from running design workshops, to leading teams and making things happen, and then to see results within 2 or 3 months.” 

    Prior to joining LAB³ Yan was already highly regarded as an expert in the Azure cloud, helping clients in the government and banking industries in the Kiwi capital.

    “I enjoy the variety of work at LAB³,” said Yan who is also appreciative of the inclusive work culture at LAB³. “I very much enjoy hearing business updates from our CEO and the ease with which I can reach out to people across the organisation without barriers.”  

    Not only does being respected as an equal team member make Yan feel valued as an individual, but it also provides him with opportunities to learn new skills from across practice areas and business units.


    “It is satisfying how quickly things can be achieved when everyone shares the same work ethic. People are always happy to jump in and help out.” 

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