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    Our latest footprints

    7 months ago
    IoT sensors made in Australia
    LAB3 has built an electronics lab - for designing, prototyping, testing and manufacturing internet of things (IoT) sensors.
    10 months ago
    LAB3 has secured an office in North Sydney as a base for over 40+ employees already working remotely to provide innovative cloud technologies in Australia’s largest city.
    11 months ago
    Fearless to achieve more, LAB3 has crossed the Tasman and now operate in New Zealand, with a head office in Auckland. Locally run, Kiwi organisations can quickly move to public cloud with expertise.
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    In a move designed to put LAB3 in the best position to expand into global markets, David Boyes has stepped up to become the new CEO

    David Boyes has been the CEO of LAB3 New Zealand since it launched July 2021, and he replaces Chris Cook, who in a clever strategic move is stepping into the newly created role as Chief Strategy Officer.

    “Our shift from service to product + service focused is generating huge opportunities for us including a recent global deal with Microsoft Corporation opening up engagements around the world, including the UK, Germany, US, Canada, APAC, and Latin America,” says Boyes.

    “So, the timing is right to make internal moves within LAB3 to have the best people doing their best work to ensure our ongoing success.”

    Boyes will lead the business in this next phase of growth with his impressive history of running successful organisations around the globe. He has a C-suite leadership background in supporting major financial institutions and setting them up for future success, at the forefront of innovative technology and as great places to work.

    “We have some very exciting opportunities in our pipeline and our business has geared up to partner with some of the most impressive logos in town. We are now even attracting interest from global organisations,” says Boyes.

    Both in Australia and New Zealand LAB3 has penetrated highly regulated industries – government and financial services, with cloud transformation expertise and the highest levels of cyber security assured with IRAP (to protected) and ISO27001 certifications.

    And with Microsoft as anchor cloud partner, LAB3 is committed to growing as an elite force that understands tech and the power of cloud automation better than anyone else.

    “It is a real honour to take the reins from Chris. And exciting that at the same time, I get to continue to work alongside him and share the next phase in the LAB3 growth journey,” says Boyes.

    As Chief Strategy Officer, Cook will focus on growing the business into new markets on a global scale.

    LAB3 was founded by Cook, his father Bob and great mate Andy Lyons in a Melbourne backyard shed in 2017. Cook is a natural born entrepreneur and as the first CEO, has overseen the evolution of the business from day one.

    “Each year, LAB3 has experienced hyper-growth. Even during a global pandemic, we launched into a new country [New Zealand] and opened offices in Canberra, Sydney, and Auckland,” says Cook.

    Today, LAB3 is one of the largest Azure engineering practices in Australasia with 250+ highly skilled professionals.

    “From the outset, our start-up vision was to achieve more for clients through automation and cloud technology,” says Cook.

    The goal was (and remains) to disrupt the tech sector with local expertise in delivery and a focus on R&D, with products that change the game including LAB3 Dr Migrate which is attracting interest world-wide.

    “Boyes and I have been working together on our role transition for some time and we are both super excited about what this means for LAB3 and the people who share our journey of success,” says Cook.

    With a fully leveraged business model across LAB3 in place, there is no longer a need for a specific CEO for LAB3 New Zealand. In an associated key leadership move, Kiwi based Rich Anderson will take on the role as Chief Technology Officer.

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