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DevOps & Agile Capabilities


Devops Coach

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Agile Coach

Scrum Master


Agile Coach

Agile, DevOps, Scrums, Continuous Delivery - oh my! Where to start?

An organisation, department or teams first steps into the world of Agile and DevOps are crucial to get right. Without expert guidance it's super easy to invest and deploy the wrong tools, create disenfranchised stakeholders, and team members who are convinced the old way was a better way of working.

LAB3 provides the capability to parachute seasoned experts into your organisation to take the pain out of your transformation. From expert Coaches who can lead, accelerate and champion positive change, through to flexible sized squads of professionals who can hit the ground running to complement your existing teams.


Code Coach

Unix Developer

Windows Developer

Testing Specialist



Why are these roles important?

When an organisation decides to adopt  DevOps, they will soon find that the biggest challenge they face comes from within. Traditionally most teams are staffed by System Administrators, however  a Sysadmin's  skillset (and way of thinking) is very different to the skills required in a DevOps world. 

You cannot expect, nor want, your existing team members to embark on this journey alone.  If they are left to do so, the result will be months of trial and error, a frustrated workforce, stakeholders and a  good deal of money sunk in the process. That's exactly why at LAB3 our seasoned professionals are available to be parachuted in to work with your team. We take away the pain, and substitute leadership, hand on expertise with access to a wealth of knowledge and processes.

There are three essential ingredients you need to get right when implementing agile in your organisation - tooling, people and clarity. There isn't a one size fits all implementation of Agile, so getting expert guidance to lay the right foundations that fits your organisation is crucial.


LAB3's Agile Coaches  and Scrum Masters know how to do just that, from deploying and configuring Jira or Trello, to defining stories epics and sprint duration. We can define and setup the framework and help you run it until you have both feet on the ground.

Why are these roles important?

There is a world of difference between a "scripter" and a Software developer.  A scripter learns on the job, with their experience in the form of a challenge - "automate this". A Software Developer on the other hand has typically had formal education and their entire career has been focused on honing their coding and development skills. 


Software Developers have the expertise  to quickly write efficient, quality code using Continuous Delivery  practises and system.  In addition they are also trained to write code  as a part of a large development team - which is a skill unto itself. A simple analogy draws the best distinction: A scripter is a battlefield medic who needs to patch his buddy up, a Software Developer is a surgeon who is trained to save lives.  

Why are these roles important?