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Big Data Capabilities

Think Good Will Hunting and the Rain Man. That's the level of calibre in our Data Science team. When your Big Data investment isn't paying dividends, our specialised team of Data Scientists can be parachuted into your organisation to solve problems or uncover insights where others simply couldn't.

Our team pride themselves on their speed to turn around fast tangible results for our clients. If you are looking for serious expertise to hit the ground running, then speak with us today, we would love to help.


We have entered into the age of Data and the opportunities it presents are as vast as the data itself. However, your organisation must be capable of seizing those opportunities before your competitors do.

That's why at LAB3 we fast-track organisations looking to capitalise on the new generation of big data technologies, our experts are among the best at turning complex data into actionable insights and solutions.

We provide 360 coverage across all your Big Data needs - from architecting, deploying and administering your environment,  to defining, ingesting and analysing those juicy bytes of data.

Big Data


Big Data


Big Data 


Big Data


Big Data